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Blockchain For Ecology

Technology + Ecological Restoration


Who We Are

A Community committed to Impact

Here at Blockchain For Ecology, we are driven by a single goal; to rapidly deploy solutions to restore the planet, starting with scalable solutions to restore ecosystems. We strive to build productive relationships, get immersion attendees excited about nature and wildlife, and open up ways to incentivize ecologically positive global behavior.



Stop the 6th Mass Extinction Event

Misty Woodland
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Wildlife Immersion

With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those looking to learn more about where technology and ecology best meet. We bring local ecological experts together with entrepreneurs and deep dive in nature, whether on the ocean, in the woods, or even the desert. To schedule an immersion contact us below.

Regenerate the Bay 

Regenerate the Bay is a bootstrapped citizen science initiative with the intention of solving the economic problem 'Tragedy of The Commons' regarding SF Bay pollution. Using technology and restorative ecosystems, the team is looking to turn the Bay back into a haven for fishing, shellfishing, seaweed, and biofuel production. The Bay could yield hundreds of millions worth of economy once we clean it up together.

White Paper Reading Group

Do you have a vision to restore ecologies using Distributed Ledger technology? Gain valuable insight from an expert community with White Paper Reading Group feedback. We can even film the session for your social media audience. Attendees range from DLT programmers, marketing professionals, token economics experts, as well as the ecologically minded.


It's like Satoshi meets John Muir

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